Picanol develops, produces and markets high-tech weaving machines. Picanol weaving machines are a synthesis of technological know-how and experience built up over more than half a century. Today, about 2,600 weaving mills around the world use Picanol machinery, totaling more than 175,000 weaving machines.

Picanol has been playing a pioneering role as both a developer and manufacturer of highly productive weaving machines since 1936. Ever since starting out, Picanol have remained committed to their core mission: developing and assembling innovative and reliable high-tech weaving machines. And the experience they have accumulated following the production of over 360,000 machines provides the clearest guarantee to their customers that when they choose Picanol they will be getting the very best weaving machine.

Product range: Rapier, Air-jet and Terry weaving machines



Matthys NV was founded more than 100 years ago as a smithy for the agricultural industry. In 1983 Matthys NV started building creels and accessories for the tufting industry. Since 1986 they expanded their product portfolio into designing to constructing of machines for the textile industry such as sectional warping machines, inspection tables, rolling-up units and compensators.

Product range: Sectional warping machines and warping creels for the weaving preparation.



Genkinger GmbH products are as versatile as the material flows and loads of their customers. They are a long-standing, innovative company with direct links and worldwide export. With over 90 years of experience in engineering and production they are continuously adapting to new and specific requirements.

Product range: Lifting- and transport equipment for the textile mills



Groz-Beckert is the world’s leading provider of industrial machine needles, precision parts and fine tools as well as systems and services for the production and joining of textile fabrics.

Product range: Drawing-in equipment, Warp tying machines, Weaving accessories e.g. Heald frames, Healds, Dropwires, Warp Stop Motions, Leno weaving systems, Reed cleaning and Universal cleaning machines



Protechna Herbst GmbH & Co KG was founded in 1956 as an independent enterprise for the production, sale and maintenance of opto-electronic thread control systems for the textile industry. Since this time a steady growth was recorded. The company is today a part of the Belgian VANDEWIELE-Group.

Product range: Contact free and continuous thread break and capillary surveillance systems for weaving looms, optical inspection and online surveillance systems possible for weaving looms.



Luwa Air Engineering is a leading supplier of industrial air engineering systems, Luwa delivers optimized solutions to diverse industries, providing the perfect environment for increased productivity and clean and comfortable working conditions.

Product range: Complete air conditioning solutions for weaving mills, Filters and dust separation, Waste handling solutions.



Founded in 1895, Burcklé has developed the production of accessories for weaving looms such as reeds, frames, heddles, drop wires. In 2003 Burcklé was integrated into the Picanol Group.

Product range: Airjet reeds, Flat reeds, Warp preparation reeds



Rigamonti was founded in 1967 and until late nineties worked mainly in the textile machinery industry. In 2002 they started with their own aluminium foundry department.

Product range: Weaving beams and flanges