Recycling machines and lines

Laroche SA is a pioneer with an experience of almost 100 years in the development of new solutions for recycling applications. Today Laroche delivers turnkey solutions for textile waste recycling, bast fiber processing and innovative nonwovens.

Product range: Cotton waste opening and cleaning lines for respinning, Hard waste tearing lines for respinning, Automated tearing lines and Airlay lines


Pierret, established in 1925, specializes in the manufacture of guillotine cutting machines as well as automatic feeders mainly dedicated to the preparation for textile and soft plastic waste recycling. They can also be used for special applications such as high precision short cut, reinforcement, etc. Pierret machines easily and accurately handle most textile and soft plastic materials as well as special fibers (glass, carbon, aramid, basalt, stainless steel, Dyneema®, Spectra®, …) without danger of melting or fusion. They are easy to use and of robust construction, reliable, capable of providing significant outputs at low installed power, adapted to the most varying conditions and suitable for difficult-to-handle applications

Product range: Automatic feeders, Guillotine cutting machines, Compacting units, Conveyors, Hydraulic bobbin cutting machines

Schott & Meissner Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH is the global leader in manufacturing of heat treatment and nonwoven bonding production lines. Their know-how, innovative strength and “German engineering” is in demand and prized on all continents. As experienced specialists in special-purpose engineering – from construction through to commissioning – they generate exclusively customer-specific solutions at their premises in Blaufelden, Germany.

Product range: Lines for Heat Treatment and Nonwoven Bonding, Flatbed laminators, Wet coating systems, Cooling calenders, Cutting equipment, Accumulators, Winding systems, Palletizers and Customised Production Lines