Dyeing & Finishing

The finishing of textiles on machines and ranges from Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co is an internationally acknowledged hallmark of quality and perfection. They set worldwide standards with competence at the highest level which fully meets the expectations of our customers.

Product range: For knitted and woven fabrics Stenter frames, Dyeing ranges, Shrinkage machines, Relaxation dryers


Coming from a successful history of design and manufacture of machines for non-conventional finishing since 1957, Biancalani S.p.A has always led this market area by looking into the future, constantly seeking new, efficient, and sustainable solutions to deliver added value to textile products.

Product range: Washing, drying and softening machines for any kind of fabric in rope form, high-efficiency driers for continuous and open-width tumbling treatments of woven, non woven and knitted fabrics, for wool processing combined washing and milling machines and drying machines for knitted fabrics.


Since more than 30 years Corino Macchine S.p.A has been manufacturing different type of machines and add-on equipment for textile finishing applications.

Product range: Expanders, uncurlers, guiding systems, liquid extraction systems, fabric impregnation systems, foulards, squeezers, rope openers and slitters.



Since its establishment in 1974, Lafer S.p.A has become the leading supplier of surface finishing machines.

Product range: Raising and shearing machines, Sueding machines with emery and brushes for woven and knitted fabrics, Fringing and cutting machines for scarves and blankets, Felt compactors for knitted fabrics in open or tubular form.


At its facilities in Germany, company Erbatech GmbH produces machinery for wet finishing  processes of textiles and carpets.

Product range: Continuous wet finishing ranges for knitted fabrics, Continous processing ranges for woven fabrics, Yarn and fibre pretreatment and dyeing machines, yarn and fibre drying and conditioning machines.


Mahlo is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of monitoring, control and automation systems for not only the textile and allied finishing industries but also the paper, foil and coating sectors.

Product range: Instruments for distortion correction, pattern detection, process control, weight and widt measurement, web and color inspection and web guiding systems.


For 35 years Tonello S.p.A has been a reference point for the most important laundry and dyeing companies all over he world and for fashion brands, simply because they don’t only produce machines but ideas as well.

Product range: Washing machines, Piece dyeing machines, Drying machines, Spraying machines, Laser machines


Loris Bellini S.r.l was founded back in 1949 with the main scope of designing, manufacturing of high quality dyeing machines. They still pursues those same intentions even after more than 60 years of activity, with the introduction of updated technology that will bring utility consumption at a very sensible reduction: a drastic decrease of running costs and a valuable respect of the environment are achieved as a direct consequence

Product range: Dyeing machines for yarns, hanks and packages, atmospheric and pressure dryers.


PMT Ribbons is a young and dynamic company established in 1995. They work in the fields of mechanical, textile, steel, chemical and environmental industry.

Product range: Complete machine ranges for narrow fabrics: continuous cycle dyeing, dressing and drying machines for elastic and rigid ribbons in natural fibers, mixed or synthetic (polyester, lycra, elastomers).


Pugi Group has been manufacturing fabric sewing machines and preparation lines for textile dyeing & finishing sector since 1956.

Product range: Sewing and cutting machines, slitting machines for tubular and open width fabrics


GSE Dispensing is the world leader in gravimetric dispensing solutions for ink, paste and paint logistics.

Product range: Ink and Paint Dispensers, Textile Paste Dispensers, Drum and Bucket Washers, Mixers and Stirrers.


Officina Master was founded 1987 and since then they have been producing a wide range of finishing machines for processing tubular and open width fabrics.

Product range: Steamers, equalizing and width stabilizing machines, rolling machines, preparation lines, decatizing machines, tubular fabric cutting machines etc.


More than 60 years old, Wumag Texroll GmbH & Co KG presents itself as a recent, modern busi­ness com­pany which enjoys highest appre­ci­ation because of its achieve­ment poten­tial, its extensive exper­i­ences and abso­lute reli­ab­ility among all experts and all its cus­tomers in the world.

Product range: Cylinder Dryers for Fabrics, Smoothing and Calibration Calendars, Thermofixing and Stretching Machines, Calendars and Rolls & Cylinders.


Dollfus & Muller has been producing specialty textiles for more than 200 years.

Product range: Spare parts for textile finishing machines, such as endless felts and net dryer belts.