Digital Printing

MS Printing Solutions S.r.l. is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative digital ink jet printing systems and associated consumables serving the textile and specialty material markets. Founded in 1947 and based in Caronno, Italy.

Product range: Direct to textile digital printers, transfer digital printers, dryers and steamers


For over 50 years, the company Tanatex Chemicals NV has proven to be a trustworthy and reliable partner in solving its customers’ challenges providing them with fit-for-purpose chemical solutions using their leading edge unique technology. With an environmentally friendly new way of thinking, TANATEX are the experts to watch in the future.TANATEX Chemicals breaks new ground with ultramodern textile processing solutions, ranging from pre-treatment to finishing. The cutting edge products are based on the latest trends and demands in of today.

Digital Printing Concept  – The sharpest print
Now that digital printing has found its way into the textile mill, time has come to adapt the production process accordingly. But how do you make it work? Is inkjet printing just a matter of pressing the “print” button, or do you need more than that?

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Farbenpunkt GmbH in Morbach/Germany was founded in 2012 as an engineering company providing special technical niche solutions to the textile industry in the context of printing and dyeing. Today Farbenpunkt has showroom, competence center and production facility in Morbach, Germany.

Textile Printing and Dyeing for the 21st Century!
At present each textile material requires its own specific ink chemistry, i.e. a different ink or dyes are needed for polyester, for cotton, for polyamide, etc. Blends of different textile fibres must be treated twice.

For digital printing, different processes, printers and print heads are needed.
For dyeing, different process equipment is needed.

Currently pre-treatment of the textile is ncurrently required before printing. This is needed to make the textiles more susceptible to the inks and to ensure that the inks have good fastness. Some dyeing processes require pre-treatment. This results in large amounts of water and energy usage during pre- and post-treatment and in process complexity. 

The solution to all of this is Farbenpunkts Peracto technology. PERACTO inks and dyes have the following benefits compared to the currently used inks and dyes used in digital printing or in traditional dyeing and printing:

  • 50% reduction of process cost for traditional pad dyeing.
  • Simplified process: no need for pre-treatment or fabric differentiated post-treatments, no need for washing resulting in a 90% water and energy saving.
  • Compatibility with current printing and dyeing equipment, no need to invest in new equipment.
  • Higher efficiency: one ink type for all fibres; for both synthetic and natural fibres. Change of ink or dye chemistry is no longer required.
  • Good colour fastness.
  • Compliance with REACH regulations and suitable for Öko-tex.

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Klieverik Heli is a dynamic company, focused on rotary thermo-processing machines for advanced textiles. With more than 50 years of experience we design, manufacture, install and maintain innovative industrial machinery. They manufacture stand-alone equipment and complete production lines. Their highly versatile machinery provides added value and improves the efficiency of textile printing and finishing operations.

Product range: Transfer and fixation belt calendars for dye sublimation printing & fixation, Beltless fixation calenders for direct disperse and pigment printed materials, Single pieces transfer calenders for shirting and fashion, Lamination and coating machines

Polar Bear Paper ApS is a Danish paper converting company. Polar Bear Paper is the the perfect balance of weight and technical performance. The global market for printed textiles amounts to approximately 24 billion meters per year, growing every year. We estimate that approximately 225 million of the total printed meters are currently printed digitally – a number that also continues to grow. When we reduce the weight of paper, we reduce costs, lower CO2 and the general impact on the environment – without compromising the print quality.

Product range: Ultra Thin high quality transfer paper for digital sublimation printing. Ultra Thin has proved to be very suitable for usage in modern ink jet printers equipped with the latest print heads and printing at high speed.

Dollfus & Muller has been producing specialty textiles for more than 200 years.

Product range: Conveyor belts for rotary, flat and inkjet printing dryers as well as felts for transfer printing.