Chemicals & Dyestuffs

Tanatex Chemicals NV produces and develops chemicals for a wide range of applications within the entire textile industry. Over 50 years of experience in the chemical textile industry, has resulted in six main product lines: Fibre Production, Pre-treatment & OBAs, Dyeing, Finishing, Coating, Printing and Carpet Printing.

Each product line comprises of various types of product categories, each with their own specific chemical purpose. For each specific chemical purpose, desired result or type of material, TANATEX Chemicals can offer several high-quality products.

These chemicals can be applied in a wide range of applications, from highstreet fashion and home textiles to technical and functional textiles. Their products provide added-value features for all kinds of textile related manufacturers. From softeners to ‘breathable effects’ and safety related applications. Their products are results from market driven innovations, special requests and ecological and economical developments. Tanatex is focusing on environmental awareness and multi-purpose products that can be applied under all kinds of circumstances.

Most of their products already meet all international requirements concerning environmental guidelines and ecological standards, such as Öko-Tex Standard 100, EKO Label and GOTS.

For Pre-treatment & FWAs: TANATEX Chemicals has a history of being strong in the field of pre-treatment of textiles.
Examples are top products like TANNEX® NOVECO, our bleaching stabilizer for discontinuous applications, based on clay-technology, TANNEX® RENA liquid 01, our bleaching stabilizer for continuous applications, based on modified silicate chemistry and our SPANSCOUR-range of innovative and leading products in the field of yellowing protection for synthetics.

For Dyeing: Products which are used in the dyebath are in fact the original product-lines where TANATEX Chemicals has started with in the past. We offer products for the dyeing of all fibres and their blends.
Examples are core products like PERSOFTAL® L, leading crease-preventing agent, TANALEV® K-DC 01, our top one-bath scour-dye product for cellulosics, the BAYLASE® RP system for enzymatic removal of dye-hydrolisate in reactive dyeing, AVOLAN® UL 75, universal levelling agent for wool dyeing, LEVEGAL® DLP, unique dispersing/levelling agent for polyester and our MESITOL®-range of leading products in the field of wet fastness improvers for polyamide.

For finishing: Finishing provides dyed and printed textiles its added value. Our products are used for fashionable effects such as crinkle-look, a silky handle and soft absorbent with terry towelling as well as to produce water-repellent rainwear, easy-care fabrics and shrink-resist properties. Various products for water, oil and soil-repellent treatment of carpets and home furnishings are also available. Examples are core products like CELLOLUBE® SUPRA, top silicone based, shear stable softener, BAYPRET® USV, our unique polyurethane for special finish applications, the BAYGARD®-range of high performance water/oil/stain/soil release products and our BAYSCENT®– and TASTEX®-range of products in the field applying aromawellness and cosmetic finishes to textiles.

For coating: The field of aqueous coating is relatively new for our company. Based, however, on extensive knowledge of e.g. polyurethane chemistry, TANATEX Chemicals succeeded in building-up a complete and well-accepted range of products and applications. Examples are core products like the EDOLAN® UC, universal polyurethane binder, EDOLAN®GS, polyurethane binder with unprecedented adhesion to synthetic fibres and EDOLAN® XCIB, special formaldehyde-free crosslinking agent for aqueous coatings.

For printing: Textiles can be coloured by printing as well as dyeing. We offer a full range of processing chemicals for textile printing, including leading products for washing-off of prints on all substrates. A well-engineered system is available especially for printing of carpets with the chromojet-technology. Examples are core products like the ACRAFIX®-range, crosslinkers for pigment printing, ranging from zero- to high formaldehyde products.

A unique approach to continuous dyeing with water based PeractoPad dyes.

PeractoPad Dyes are processed to a very small size with an average diameter of below 500 nanometers. These very small dye particles easily penetrate textile substrates colorizing the surface and subsurface completely. By heating the textile up to 140°C, the PeractoPad additives form a long chain molecule fixing to the nano dye particle inside the textile material. In addition, the long chain molecule is chemically connected to the textile. Once fixation is complete, the dyes are permanently attached to the textile. The bond is both mechanical and chemical, effective on various textile materials and blends.

PeractoPad F Dyes can be used on most standard continuous pad dye equipment as per the following scheme:

Advantages of PeractoPad Dyes
Process simplification
-One dye product for multiple textile materials PE, PA, Cotton, blends etc.
-Only 4 to 8 basic colors to blend color dye baths.
-Lower temperature fixation reduces process effects on textiles and reduces energy requirements

Waste Water elimination
-Excellent fixation, no need to wash.
-Very good crock results in dry and wet, no need to wash.
-No washing after dyeing = no waste water generated!

Lower capital investment – pad and dry only!
-No washer needed.
-No need for steam.
-No waste water infrastructure.
-No process water infrastructure.
-Lower temperature process results in lower cost equipment.

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Since the company´s foundation in Wiesbaden (Germany) in 1953 Farbchemie Braun KG has developed and grown to an internationally recognized supplier of textile dyes. Standard quality products are fundamental in their dye ranges, speciality products for individual customer needs are instrumental for their activity.

Direct Dyes
Celasol range – Various applications on Cotton, Rayon and Polynosic

Synergetic Dyestuff
Sellan® range – Blends for wool, Nylon, Silk, excellent compatibility, high fastness level

Reactive Dyes
Somalan range for reactive dyes for wool and silk.
The rising demand for brilliant, metal free, high fastness dyeings on animal hairs like wool, cashmere and silk is covered by our SOMALAN range. This range presents a high level of wet fastness also on Hercoset wool and therefore suitable for machine washable wool articles. The shades go from brilliant Yellow to Red, Rubin, Blue, Navy Blue to Black, covering most of the colouristic demands in the wool dye house. SOMALAN dyes can be used on tops, yarn and under certain conditions also on piece dyeing. A further application area is the dyeing and printing of Silk.

Disperse Dyes
Fanatgen range of dyes is divided into following groups depending on their main application fields.
Standard range of disperse dyes for Polyester and Polyester fiber blends. The dyestuff are highly economical with very good light and general fastness properties.

Acid Dyes
The Selmacid range covers the most important acid dyes for the dyeing of wool and other animal fibres
The range is composed by the 3 Types of acid dyes: levelling, half-milling and milling types. Due to the very good levelling properties of the Selmacid dyes we recommend these dyes for the pale to medium shade areas.
Selmacid dyes can be used to dye yarns, woven fabrics and knitwear in all dyeing methods. Depending on the strngth of shade an dye selection Selmacid dyes can be used with strong acid to medium acid dyeing conditions. With a precise ph control levelling dyeings in an exhausted dyeing bath be archieved.
The Selmacid GW trichromie is especially suitable for the dyeing of difficult hairs like Alpaca, Vicuña or Mohair. They have excellent levelling and covering properties of the different affinities of these fibres.

Metal Complex Dyes
Selmalan dye range are 1:2 metal complex dyes that present excellent wet fastness properties an all amino fibres. Selected SELMALAN dyes also present excellent light fastness properties making them especially suitable for the dyeing of wool and polyamide articles for the automotive sector.
Typical areas of application of the SELMALAN dyes is on wool the dyeing of tops and yarn and in polyamide the dyeing of woven fabrics, knitted wear, ribbons and technical textiles.

AB Enzymes is a competent partner in delivering technically advanced enzyme formulations and concentrates for technical applications in the textile industry. AB Enzymes offers a wide range of industrial Cellulases which are designed to set the highest quality norms, provide workable, cost-effective solutions and be consistent with the increasing need for efficient, clean and safe solutions.

Product range: Enzymes for denim washing and bio-finishing

The ECOSTONE® range of products contains both neutral and acid enzymes in different concentrations, offering unique combinations that make AB Enzymes’ products highly effective in creating a rich variety of effects on denim. They give denim finishers the flexibility to use a wide range of washing parameters, depending on the precise requirements of the process.

The BIOTOUCH® products, as a result of their high concentration levels, allow textile chemical formulators to produce tailor-made dilutions and formulations. These are developed for the finishing processes of cellulose-based textile materials and their blends.